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The St. Johns Parade thanks our generous donors each year who help the Parade Committee cover expenses. Without the support of sponsors the St. Johns Parade would not happen. Sponsors are awarded levels based on their contributions. Learn more about how sponsors support the parade. No donation is too small. Become a sponsor. Mail your check today! Donate by credit or checkcard. Click the Donate button on the left.

2023 Parade Sponsors

Sayers Family $3500
Masonic Lodge #160 $2000
Portland Fire Fighters Assn
& Fire Station #22 $1001

Jenny Cooke $500
Edward Jones $500


Fidelity Charity $250
Betty Drenkhahn $250
Leah Passell $200
Rhonda Ensley $150
Gretchen Benner $100
St Johns Bachelor Club $100
Robert Healy $100
Daniel Wakehouse $100
Joan Thompson $100
Anton Gustafson $100
Charlene Ascher $100
Signe Todd $100
Jenna Anderson $100
Portland Skyliners $100

Past Parade Sponsors

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